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Omega Protection Services, LLC

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Personal Protection & Banking

A New Take on Personal Protection Services

To make sure all of our clients are safe, OPS looks at personal protection differently. By hiring security officers who have excellent discipline and the ability to diffuse situations, we create a more pleasant environment.

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We also know area well, allowing us to determine which areas to avoid when we are with our clients. Whether you are regular person or a top-level executive, your needs and safety are our top priority. We can accompany you to events and make sure your family remains harm-free. We have your back.

Jewelry & Banking Services

Our security company has bonds to transport jewelry, as well as for loss prevention. If you have a contract with us, we have the ability to cover any missing items during events and transportation.

We also provide escort services if you're going to the bank with large sums of cash to deposit, as well make the deposits ourselves. Call us today to go over contracts, pricing, and your needs. We look forward to working with you.